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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Orientation - Day 1

Though, we were supposed to report only at 12 noon in the hostel blocks; since I got a lift, I reached here by 11:45 AM. As expected, none were there, and even the security was not sure, why I am here. After explaining to him about my intention of entering the campus with a suit case and a laptop backpack; I was directed to the hostel block. After walking for sometime in lush green campus, I reached the hostel blocks. I was embarrassed to contact the hostel office since it was just after 12’O clock; so I just roamed around the hostel blocks. This was like another dream coming true.

After sometime, I decided to get the keys from the hostel office and got the first room - J201. Once I entered the room, I understood why Laxmi indicated to bring whatever you might need. Though, I have never stayed in the hostels till now; I was not completely surprised by the dusty floor, spider webs here and there. After cleaning them, I decided to roam in the floor; but couldn’t meet any one. It was just 12:30PM. I saw some guys in the third floor; but from the way they talked, I understood they should be PGP2/FPM guys; didn’t go to meet them (thought, why to get myself into trouble J ragging)

Finally, I met a guy, Sachin from Qualcomm who was also in my floor. From first sight, I thought he should be some less experienced guy like me; but later found out that he has around 9 years of experience. Then we decided to find the Amrutha Kalash. We roamed around for 15 minutes passing by it at the least once without knowing it. Then we started seeing one by one guys, checking in. We met more than 10 guys within 15 minutes and had a nice chat for half an hour. We went later for the lunch, where I met a very senior guy from my college (10 years senior) who was fortunate enough of attending two orientations in this week (PGSEM & his kid’s J ). By the way, I belong to Group C - Condors which also boasts of two entrepreneurs. After lunch, we went to the auditorium, where we were greeted with 3 books - Financial Accounting, Contemporary Strategic Management & Microeconomics.

Later we were asked to fill the information form & was followed by photo sessions. Our seniors concluded the session by little gyaan and asked us to assemble back in the auditorium by 4PM in formals. Since Laxmi had sent couple of mails asking us to be in business formals, I borrowed the suit from my cousin. I was excited to wear them, since it was my first time in life. I wore the full suit and went back to the auditorium right on time putting me in yet another embarrassing situation with very minimal people in business formals. From 4PM onwards, the gyaan & presentations started from our senior SAC members explaining about the various committees, course rigor etc. Before coming to campus itself, I wanted to join some committee; so was keenly listening to them. There are roughly around 6 sub committees within SAC- each having a secretary, coordinator & volunteers. I guess, I will try for branding & communication committee or forum for industry/alumni interaction. The session continued for long that our seniors had to hard stop & ask us to go for snacks. We didn’t leave them during the snacks; attacked them with lot more questions and concerns. By this time, I understood the batch profile; it ranged from 2.5 years to 15 years (later, I found there is a person with around 20 years of experience; I cannot believe it, and still don’t; have to meet him). The cautions that were given by the seniors and interaction with some of the peers put me again for a short time in a dilemma, whether this program is really suitable for a guy like me with less than 3 years of experience. My worries got a little augmented, when a guy with a similar profile was also in dilemma, and said I may have to rethink; but I changed my mind immediately and have decided to go with this whole heartedly and make use of IIMB to my level best because I don’t want to miss IIMB.

The inauguration ceremonies started at around 6:45 PM, with Prof Agrawal inviting even some of the new PGSEMers to light and participate in the inauguration ceremony. This was followed by the inaugural address from Prof. Agrawal welcoming officially to the program. During the speech, he mentioned 843 students have so far graduated from IIMB in PGSEM. This was followed by a very inspirational talk by Mr. Harsh Manglik, chairman, NASSCOM & also the CEO of Accenture, India. He talked on various areas starting from IT to health sector to CSR activities that are needed to make a better India. He mentioned that NASSCOM expects IT industry to be worth $175 billion. He continued his speech, covering leadership, elimination of poverty, making the under privileged with the help of CSR activities and the role of IT in it. One of the key that attracted everyone was the five points that he asked to keep in mind for success - 1) Dream & nurture it 2) Courage (without courage, you cannot make your dreams come true) 3) Apply the thoughts 4) Empathy & 5) Integrity. This was followed by a speech from the IIMB Director Prof. Chandra who again welcomed us & promised whatever help he can do to make our stay @ IIMB better & interesting. Then Agrawal Sir invited Prof. Singh who gave a very interesting talk which kept us laughing & attracted to him. I guess he will be teaching us some social sciences related courses.

During dinner, I met some more peers; though could not remember all names. After dinner, we were asked to assemble near auditorium for the fun events. It started with anthakshari, which we won easily. This was followed by Dumb-C, which we couldn’t do well; leaving us last. But we hope to bounce back tomorrow. We have been asked to write about our experience so far and also plan our skit for tomorrow night. Also we have to be at the auditorium at 8 AM sharp for remaining activities. Overall, very good experience so far, impressive organization and helping mentality from the seniors present. Tomorrow is going to be the real start, with Prof. Agrawal talking about what we want to learn at IIMB and the house cup from afternoon onwards.


  1. I am an aspiring student for PGSEM and reading each of your post with pure sanctity. I'm totally enjoying them. Congratulations to you for making to IIMB and thanks a lot for the good work !

  2. thank you tanmay and all the best...hope to see you soon @ IIMB