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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Expectations from PGSEM

Well having said in my previous posts, whatever be the negative comments, I got for this course; I am going forward with it. I believe if I plan accordingly and give me best, I should be able to draw maximum out of this course.

Most of the ones, to whom I discussed with, advised me to take the course with a caution & pinch of salt. So I have rather lowered my expectations. All that I am hoping to get from this course is:

- Interaction with some of the best faculty in management education in the world
- Interaction & build some life long relations with my peers
- Make use to the maximum whatever, IIM provides a PGSEMer
- Be part of some committees and do some very good work
- Win, or at the least participate in some B School competitions
- Study well (It seems very hard, with my project becoming more tighter) and try to get an exchange program (I guess, again hard for a PGSEMer); So these two are on kinda lower priority :)
- Try my level best to consider this opportunity as a "Earn while you learn" rather than "Learn while you earn" :) (Hope, my managers are not reading this post...)

My intention is to gain maximum as I can from the learning front, try to position myself during the course itself and try for various profiles that I am interested in. But GOD only knows, if I will also become just another Dev/Test manager if the work schedule is tight for me to even plan.
But I tend to believe in positive, because I am a pessimist by nature and I don't want to screw my IIMB journey....


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