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Friday, May 21, 2010

Joker in the pack

I was very excited, when my waiting list got converted. In fact I was praying like no one else in world for a week, to get the WL converted. I will be God fearing ever :)
As soon as I got the convert letter, I started informing others with at most enthusiasm. Predominantly, the response was very postive, inspiring & accolades. But then, I started getting mixed reactions. A sample

Me : Hey dude, I got into IIMB for its part time program, PGSEM
X   : wow! great man. Congrats!
Me : Thank you..
X   : its a 3 year course...conducted during weekends...right?
Me: Yeah, 2.5 years; Fridays & Saturdays.
X   : hmm...part time may not be that good; why don't you try for a full time again?...its much better option.
Me: Yeah, but iam fed up of writing CAT; and i don't want to miss IIMB
X  : hmm, how much is the fees?
Me: 9L
X  : Oh man! does your company sponsor you?
Me: No
X  : Oh! will IIM provide placement support?
Me: No
X  : awful! are you crazy to opt this?

These dialogues didn't hurt me much since they were more 3rd parties, and I continued to believe PGSEM is my choice! But that slowly changed, when I met 3-4 guys who already did it recently. To my surprise, the opinion was negative from the ROI perspective. But all agreed with the amount & quality of learning you will get. Some even mentioned, some companies will even not consider you at all :(

A awful dilemma!!!

It has always been my case throughout my life :) I am person, who goes behind brands. Not getting into IIT/NIT was my worry during college days. Fortunately, that changed, when I got into one of the best product development teams in world. I don't want to repeat that again (I am not sure, whether I will even reach near IIMs if I write CAT again). Moreover, my dream is to learn from some of the best faculty, participate in exciting discussions, be part of wonderful infrastructures :) So my heart always said to go ahead with this offer. Only things that was worrying me was the huge amount invested and the negative opinion about its acceptance in the industry. But I have decided to go ahead with the offer. I believe any sort of investement for an education will not go in vain, and that too in a world class, renowned institute like IIM Bangalore.

IIM Bangalore, Thank You for accepting me :) Here I come...

I have decided to be a joker in the pack! (title of the book about Life@IIMB by Ritesh Shram & neeraj Pahlajani)


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