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Bing it on! Comparing Bing Snapshot with Google Knowledge Graph

When we check the search engine market share, Google clearly dominates the market. At a global level, Google is expected to enjoy around 58%, while the second player is China’s Baidu with around 29% market share. Bing takes the third spot with close to 8% share. Considering Baidu is predominantly focused on Chinese market; Bing could be considered the second most preferred search engine at a worldwide level. If we consider the US market, Google enjoys around 68% share and Bing enjoys close to 19% share.
We have been discussing about Google algorithm updates in the last few blog posts. A natural question that will arise is does Bing  or other search engines also follow a similar algorithm update exercise and  technology ? In this post, let’s try to understand briefly about these questions from Bing’s point of view!
Bing was launched in 2009 as a successor of Microsoft Live Search. While still not a great contender to Google, Bing offers most of the features Google offer if not more. Bi…

Google Hummingbird update and the opening up of entity search

Unlike Penguin and Panda updates that we discussed in the previous posts, Google hummingbird is an update to the search platform itself. It was released in September 2013. Hummingbird is considered to be first of its type update since 2000’s. In essence, hummingbird tries to add intelligence to the whole search phrase by considering the meaning of the phrase. If PageRank was the buzzword in 2000’s hummingbird and entity search is the buzzword today. In my opinion, this was not an overnight change, but an experiment and improve approach starting with the introduction of Knowledge Graph.

Before we dive deep into Hummingbird, let’s focus very briefly on two associated concepts for this blog post.
Google PageRank If you are in the search industry for at least some time, you know this the ABC of how Google works. PageRank was and may still be the holy grail of how Google search engine works. Having said that, various studies have indicated PageRank is just one of the over two hundred compon…

Google Knowledge Graph – Gaining knowledge without visiting web pages

We have been discussing about various Google algorithm updates. As you might have guessed, next in the line is Google Hummingbird update. But before diving into Hummingbird, I thought of covering Knowledge Graph in this post since that’s the foundation stone. In a later post, we will dive deeper into Hummingbird and the whole new world of Semantic Search.
In the world of PageRank, we have been dealing with unstructured data; i.e search engines were looking for keywords independently and trying to gauge the relevancy of a web page compared to a keyword. We are presently moving to a world of structured data; and thus the world of semantic search. Semantic search tries to gauge the meaning of search queries with the help of microdataschemas, or RDFs (Resource Definition Frameworks) and more. Google Started to move in this direction with the introduction of Knowledge Graph in 2012. From a layman’s point of view, Google started showing facts in addition to the usual search results for key…

A note on Google Pigeon algorithms

Now that we have understood a bit about local SEO, let’s continue our discussion on Google algorithm updates. Today we will look into Google Pigeon update. Google Pigeon  is the youngest component of the Google algorithm updates. The first Pigeon update was rolled out in July 2014. While Panda updates focus on quality of content, and Penguin updates on link building practices; Pigeon update specifically focused on local search.

In essence, the pigeon updates assign more weightage towards locality over authority. Also it took care of some concerns SEOs had in the case of local search like – Google + page given undue importance, removal of results from  local  search directories like  Yelp. Also it is expected to be having an affect only on Google US search queries. Since Pigeon update is comparatively new and only affect local search part, it’s still in the nascent stage to really understand the affect of this update. However it has been testified that, the pigeon update  affected few s…