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Book Review : Why I failed by Shweta Punj

Why I failed - Lessons from Leaders by Shweta Punj attracted my attention since most of the books on business/self-help talks about success or how to succeed. This book is a collection of failure stories by well know personalities. I started readin it with an expectation to get a different perspective; but to be honest it disappointed me.

Most of the failure stories are told at a very high level and fails to describe the details. I am sure most the readers wanted that extra-piece of narrative on what happened, how it happened, its consecunces and how leaders overcame it. Sometimes I felt the book is just another one talking about success and how to succeed :) The only piece of thought I could take out of the book was - everyone including the leaders that we adore goes to phases of failure.

The book talks about 16 stories of leaders from various domains. The ones I felt inspiring were Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Sminu Jindal. The least digestable ones were like the ones of Abhinav Bindra …

Understanding Google Panda algorithm updates

In the last blog post, we discussed about Google Penguin updates. Today, let’s try to understand Google Panda update. The first release of Google Panda was in February 2011. While penguin updates went after back links, the main purpose of panda updates are to watch the quality of website content.I believe by far the biggest affect in search results were made by Panda updates. Panda updates fights scraper sites and content farms. A scraper essentially copies content from various websites using web scraping. Web scraping can be done by simple manual copy and paste or to the extend of using sophisticated web scraping software. On the other hand, content farms are websites with large volume of low quality content often copied from other web sites or being copied in multiple pages of the same webs site. Content Farms usually spend efforts to understand popular search keywords and spin out content based on those phrases.Thus Panda update was also called Farmer Update :)
Unlike Penguin update…

Understanding Google Penguin updates

Let's talks about various Google search algorithms in the next few posts.
The main Google algorithm updates that we often hear about are Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin updates. Other components include Pigeon and Knowledge Graph. It’s interesting to note that most of these names are not coined by Google; but by various industry sources in the SEO world. Also, the above mentioned names are the ones which are relevant today. If you are a professional in this space for long, you would have heard updates starting from Google Dance to Fritz to Caffeine and more. Moz provides a good history timeline of Google algorithm changes along with associated key news articles (Google Algorithm Change History by Moz). In the next set of blog posts, I will try to explain the different components of Google Search algorithm updates and how they may be relevant to your website.
What are Google Penguin updates? Let’s start with Penguin update since that had a recent update. When Penguin update was first l…

Understanding Local SEO

As I mentioned in the last post, I will continue to write about digital marketing topics for some more time :) In this blog post, let's try to understand about Local SEO, what it is and how to do it?
Local SEO deals with search results within a defined locality or geographic location. This can be considered a subset of overall SEO efforts focusing on showcasing your web details in SERPs relevant to location based search keywords.  Google search algorithm has evolved to streamline and showcase search results based on locality, intend of search and so on. Let's take an example - 'Dominos Cochin'

A search for Dominos Pizzas in Cochin provides search results as show above. Two components are of interest to us. Along with the regular 10 search results, it shows a map with pins pointing to the location of Dominos stores in Cochin, Kerala, India in the right top end. On the left we can see Google Plus pages pointing to Dominos stores pages. This is populated from Google + L…