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Gaining the maximum learning from MOOCs

Today, we have plenty of learning opportunities online. One gets easily drowned in the quantum of channels available - be it blogs, YouTube videos, iTunes University, Tutorials, Communities or the latest thunder - MOOCs.
Video tutorials have been popular for long time now especially with the advent of easy to use video creating softwares and also because of the penetration of high speed Internet. I remember MIT coming up with open courseware in early 2000's. IITs and IISC had started similar efforts with their NPTEL platform.
Open learning also kinda followed a typical evolution of new product development that we generally see - from just being a repository of course notes to pre recorded class lectures to live classes to a complete community of learners. New business models have sprouted from the success of these platform ideas  (a good example being
Open learning really kicked off with the success of coursera and today we have a bunch of MOOC platforms. We can learn…