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Days fly by!

It has been 5 Years since I joined IIM Bangalore. I can't believe 2 years have passed by since I graduated! Days just fly by; interestingly I am completing 8 years in the industry and 4.5 years in Marketing!
Marketing, specifically Digital Marketing has been my bread and butter for past few years; and the domain continue to intrigue me each and every day.Looking back, I miss IIMB, my friends and the grill we used to have.The exposure those days gave, the pumping knowledge, articles and what not feel amazing even today. To be honest, sometimes I doubt how I coped up all those; that too with enjoyment.Two subjects - Marketing and Strategy that attracted me the most continues to be my interest areas even today; apparently the the subject that I hated the most - Finance continue to be the same :)
Reflecting on the whole journey...I think it has also reached the starting point of Mid-Life crisis! This is the time, you get all those questions - what have you achieved, what's the pr…