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A Friday Night

'7 errors', 'Build failed'
Arun once again witnessed the familiar pop-up window. Yet another precious hour wasted for the same piece of code. He looked around; only very few left in the floor, may be two or three here and there. Then he looked at his watch 9:30PM. It was a Friday night & still he had a couple of documents to review and some mails to be sent. He thought whom should he blame - his manager, his colleagues or himself? Already he had lost his chance to go to a pub with his friends, but he denied the offer saying he had to do his "so called" work. Totally fed-up, he decided to call off the day!
He was a typical bachelor in a metro – staying with friends, long commutes and hotel food. Though it was already half past 10, thankfully he had a couple of choices near his house itself & he decided to go to his favorite. After washing his hands, he found a comfortable seat. Since it was too late, only very few were there having their dinner.…