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The Curious Case of Self-Help Books

Lately, I have been reading a lot of books -especially self-help books :) Its actually fun to read those ;). For example, the latest one that I read was by Prof. Clayton Christen of Harvard Business School titled How Will You Measure Your Life?
A Harvard Business Review article with the same title was introduced to me during one of MBA elective classes. The article was just amazing that I was eagerly waiting to read his book. While I agree that he has done justice to the book, it was no as powerful as the article! That brought a thought to mind about how the self-help books are written (at least those I have read…)
Often, I feel Calvin was completely right on target :)
Calvin and Hobbes on writing Self Help books

In any self-help book, the author tries to
Convince you that there are problems and its better to tackle thoseConvince that you are not alone in facing those problems; its universalWhile the problems may not be due to your fault; there is wide scope to improveT…