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de doux souvenirs - Sweet memories from IIMB life

Some UN-forgettable Moments
When I met in person Dr. APJ Abdul KalamWhen I got 4/4 GPA in my elective course Elements of Management ConsultingWhen I sat along with the Director and a Chief Guest and participated in a short discussion on a company's international aspirations!When I received scolding from the Director for something I was not directly responsible for (It was a Déjà vu from good old Engineering days :))At 1 AM when the group had no idea what to present the next day; Perumal (a group member) suggests an idea and later it becomes the insight for the classes applauded by Professor :)At 4 AM, the group fighting on formatting issues of a project report after daunting discussions and heated arguments :)Creating a presentation while the Professor is teaching and presenting to the class after the lecture and getting appreciation from the Professor ;) ;)When I became the Secretary of Students' Council
Some events I wish never happened!  
Burning few bridges and loosin…