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Interesting quotes from classrooms - II

This is a continuation of some of the quotes I wrote down from classrooms. For the first part, see

Interesting quotes from classrooms - I

Consumer Behavior Professor: "One need to know what is inside the box before thinking out of the box!"

Consumer Behavior Professor:Now the new buzzword is moving up the value can you move up every second? It will get broken !(not recalling exact words....)

Consumer Behavior Professor: "vision is there, mission is there, but eyesight is missing"

Economics Professor: SOAPS will continue as long as women have tears in their eyes ! 

Consumer Behavior Professor:at least learn it like a science, u will apply it as an art... if u think its an art... u will be applying as a fine art !!

OB Professor:Even an Aishwarya  Rai cannot make an Abhishek into Amitabh!

OB Professor: Organizations should not be where intellectual Gullivers locked up by bureaucratic Lilliputs! 

OB Professor: In India, we worship potholes; they are there a…