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Mojo by Marshall Goldsmith book summary

Mojo is a self-help book for leaders and individuals for leading an effective and successful personal and professional life. In this book, Marshall Goldsmith deals in detail with Mojo – a positive engagement, a feeling of happiness that radiates from within and spreads outwards; how to develop it, how to manage it and if one is not presently having it or lost it – how to get it? The author opines that Mojo is not something that comes out naturally; we need to work towards developing it. The opposite of Mojo is Nojo – with no joy, negativity or cynicism. 

In an effort to start creating the Mojo, Marshall advises to analyze our daily activities from two perspectives – how meaningful they are in terms of purpose in life and future; and how happy you feel while doing those activities – are they draining energy or radiating energy? Marshall provides in the book and spend significant amount of reading in a Mojo Scorecard which helps us find how much mojo we presently have. There are two k…