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Where the heck Have I been?

It has been almost two months now since I wrote a post in this blog!!!

Last quarter was the most hectic so far in my MBA (Haven't I repeated this sentence at least twice :P ; That's the beauty of MBA especially if it is an executive MBA!) Quarter 7 was an interesting one with 2 live projects, understanding in depth the virtue of having an independent financial regulatory environment and some philosophical studies about life and how we all make decisions!!
Also Quarter 7 was the most important one since I got a 4/4 - topper in one of the electives - Element of Management Consulting! Its a wonderful feeling to be a topper; though grades hardly matters in the real world ;)

Times flies so fast that I am already in the third week of Quarter 8!!! Only two subjects this time - all Marketing. Couple it with a marketing project for a start up as the final MBA project! Live an entire quarter with just marketing ;)

Also have joined a Stanford course on Technology Entrepreneurship; Not sure h…