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Virtues of being a PGSEMer

What are the best lessons one can get from an MBA? I don't think they are the case discussions or financial modeling you do during your two years at B School. I am not contending that they are of no use. However I believe the real experience is the peer group, hostel life, making friends for life time, the friendly competitions and fights & ego clashes. 
Unfortunately a PGSEMer doesn't have the luxury to enjoy the hostel life. However in my opinion, the PGSEMer gets even more interesting experiences; real life examples - be it the professional success or improvement in the quality of life to professional tragedies and family issues. Fortunately I am one of the youngest in my batch. My project group members are at least 4 years senior to me, one even at the extreme - he started his career in the year I joined school! When I reflect back, many interesting experiences come to my mind.
The most recent being - I am writing this blog post while I am waiting for one of my project m…

The Art of Decision Making

One thing, I have always struggled with is to take decisions - especially when it comes to two equally good/appropriate choices. So here I am in the elective course of Decision Making!! Before I joined, I dreamt that I can take any decisions without any struggle after studying this course. How naive I am still; even after going through an MBA program for 1.5 years.

That doesn't mean the course have no value add. In fact it is one of the good courses co-taught by one of the best professors in IIMB. The course goes in deep about how we think, what are our biases, the importance of intuition, gut feel and so on. It has its own coverage about mathematical notions of decision making using techniques like decision trees, monetary value calculations and applications of game theory.

The interesting thing about this course is that it is co-taught by colonel from Indian Air Force. And the cases are really special which includes, but not limited to Fire at Mann Gulch, Cuban Missile Crisis, Col…