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Book Review : The Vault Guide to Schmoozing

A random pick from library during the term break; it was not a bad choice :)

I have found Vault Career Guides always useful and The Vault Guide to Schmoozing was no different! After a series of book reviews related to business and management is one in 'soft skills' domain :)

What attracted me more to this book was the word - 'schmoozing'. Honestly I had no clue about the word's meaning before reading the contents of the book! When I understood the meaning, the obvious question & I am sure all of you would have a also had -  a book on formal flirting? :P

Well, it is not a subject that can be  mocked away like that, especially in this world! Interesting part for me was that, as and when I read each chapter, I could very corelate to few of my marketing colleagues. This confirmed the fact that this skill is required more often in a business professional domain, especially like marketing, consulting or business development; compared to say, may be a s…