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time flies fast!

Just 3 weeks of classes left for 5th quarter to finish!!

This quarter seem to be the most hectic one among the quarters so far. I guess its because of the RAMBO effect :) I noticed I have slept only for 5 hours in the last 60 hours! Our final project in a course called consumer behavior is over. We were the unfortunate group to have both project and case presentation scheduled back to back. That meant 45%+ marks at stake in just two days!

Fortunately, we didn't get a blast for both the presentations from the Professor. For the first one, he said...."good fact I had pushed this group to rework in the last minute; but they came back very vigorously!" LOL and for the second presentation..."excellent...good insights and amount of effort put in!"  Overall I felt, the time spent was worth it! It was literally pushing your limits in the last week.

So many more submissions in the next three weeks....I also noticed I have complete gone out of the rada…

Book Review : Positioning, the battle for your mind

A classic! 

Positioning The battle for your mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout is a must read for any marketer. The book has been there for 30 year now :)

Positioning is one of the concept that is stressed alot in marketing curiculum these days. This book gives a raw view on what the authors meant when they first conceptualized it. This is a holygrail, the concepts which have been explained, re-explained, built on by many others. Some of the key things that attracted me are below (For a new age student like me, at first glance it may look obvious :)).

Actually, there is no point in writing summary for a book like this!

- Positioning is creating a place in one's mind
- Once it is created, its very difficult to change
- If there is a strong competitior who has already created a differentiated position, its is next to impossible to change it; instead find the gap and fill it
- If your value proposition is unique, it doesn't matter whether you are first to market or not
- Name of the p…

drenched under deep water....

When I wrote a demotivating post in this blog, I wished I will never write one again. I am afraid that will continue...but hey! who said B School is only about the media hyped encounters and how else can an experience be memorable without having both sorts. So far this quarter has been the most hectic one. When my seniors said it will be suicidal attempt if you are taking Consumer Behavior along with 3 other courses, I took it lightly. Now I am rethinking did I take their advice lightly ;)

Last quarter saw the lowest grades I can get; or more is waiting me....only time will tell! From As to Cs, the transition was very smooth :P And the GPA is continuing its downward slope ;) Fifth quarter is no different with quiz marks starting at pathetic single digits like 1s and 2s....only respite is the topper is getting only 4 and 5 ;)

Is the extra curricular activities to be blamed or is it the office or is it my laziness! Obviously not the last one :P And to aggravate all these, had to face a l…