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we are seniors!

We welcomed the 14th batch of PGSEM on Friday. Once again I got the opportunity to stay in hostel even if it was just for 3 days.

This time, the orientation was scheduled for complete 3 days because of the CSITM workshop. Though I didn't expect to see many new students at 7 AM on Friday, I was proved wrong with atleast 10 people already present before I reached campus! After initial hiccups, we got the hostel keys and asked them to assemble at auditorium. Slightly different from our orientation, we started with very formal presentations introducing them to IIMB, PGSEM and other nuisances of the courses. After some presentations, question & answer sessions and registration processes, we dispersed. Later the day was followed by a session by Prof. Agrawal, Inauguration & an alumni session. The alumni session was really interesting even for us :)

A late night with lots of games; we allowed them to go back to hostel with lot of things to prepare by 12 AM. This was because CSITM…

Book Review: Your Marketing Sucks By Mark Stevens

The title attracted me to pick up this book from the campus library. Even though the title was attractive, the book was not so. Some of the topics he covers are worth reading. I got a feeling that he is just coining a term 'extreme marketing' for effective marketing.

Some of the ideas like 'every dollar spend on marketing should yield more than a dollar in sales'  and 'marketers just try to imitate competitors' are stressed in the book. At some points, I felt the book sucks! especially the examples given about IBM, infomercials etc

Overall, just a one time read!

I came across a good summary of the book. I believe reading that is enough!

Interesting quotes from classrooms - I

Whether I pay attention to what is being taught in the class or not, I pay attention to all the interesting dialogues from professors and keep a note of it :)

Here are some of them that I noted down over past one year @ IIMB. Some are funny, some need the context to understand, some I still don't understand and some are thought provoking....

Microeconomics Professor: You can bring anything to the exam hall; its an open book test, but those may not have anything to do with the test!

Microeconomics Professor: If you are not good in maths; don't worry. Einstein was also not; If you are good in maths, you are mediocre :p

Microeconomics Professor: I am giving you an empty threat - exam will be tough; what is my payoff?

FINAC Professor: We will learn GAAP completely including Games All Accountants Play

Statistics Professor: "Finally, it's a stat exam. What's the worst that can happen? Your score is a random variable. Have a good time!"

"In India, even if you ar…

40% MBA


First year of PGSEM is over with the submission of last assignment pending. An eventful year, a turning point or whatever you call it; it was wonderful!

Next one month is a break from hectic weekends, classes, assignments and exams :)

Days passes by very fast; A year back this time was also eventful, first with a waiting list, then a long pause with crossed fingers and finally IIMB opening its doors for me.
Looking back, I have learn t 13 subjects, attended or closely worked with 16 professors, wrote 20+ exams, 10+ projects, 20+ quizzes and many heated discussions & simulation games.

Do I remember all that I learn t so far or will I apply whatever learn t so far? A big NO!!
But the knowledge that was imparted to us will be helpful one day or another for sure. A typical example being - I am using some of the concepts that I learn t in marketing & strategy classes in my current role @ office. That is one of the best things one can get. I was unfortunate with that so far s…

Quarter 4: A Retrospective

I know I have been keeping away from this blog for a very long time. The number of posts had dipped. This quarter was the craziest and I hated it to the highest extend possible. The last week of this quarter is fast approaching.And I am left with 2 case submissions, 2 projects, a quiz and 3 exams!! If fortunate, a surprise quiz too.

My CGPA has started behaving like a sine wave with consistent ups & dips. I am sure this quarter it will be a huge dip like stock market crashes :(

Finally decided to say bye bye to Finance though have taken an elective in next quarter :) I am not sure why I am 'finance' challenged! I studied only corporate finance this quarter so far and I am struggling hell a lot there!

Organizational Behavior has been a free ride so far; I hope it will be the same when it comes to end term also :) I have no idea what Operations Management is, so many theoretical terms and I am sure I will struggle there also irrespective how much ever time I spend there.