Three Musketeers Visit Village Schools!

Book Review : Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones

Book Review : Effective Proposal Writing by Vasudev Murthy

Can I buy some time???

Marketing Communications - A Sneak Preview

Book Review: New Venture Creation

Quarter 6 - A wonderful beginning!

Quarter 5 - A retrospective

Book Review : Advertising and Promotion

time flies fast!

Book Review : Positioning, the battle for your mind

drenched under deep water....

And quarter 5 begins with a bang...

Book Review : Social Media Metrics By Jim Sterne

we are seniors!

Book Review: Your Marketing Sucks By Mark Stevens

Interesting quotes from classrooms - I

40% MBA

Quarter 4: A Retrospective

Book Review : Principles of Corporate Finance

one by one leaves fall...

over to marketing!

Quarter 3 - A Retrospective

crisis management

arbit CP

Book Review : Plain Truths About Investments By Debashis Basu

A SME Visit

Introduction to Operations Research

Book Review : An Introduction to Operations Research by Hillier & Lieberman

Unmaad 2011

2010: A year that was...

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