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Book Review : Blink by Malcom Gladwell

This was one of the longest book in terms of time it took for me to read. That doesn't mean anything about the book, it was just because of the time constraints I was facing over the past months.

Now, about the book - it was good read, but I felt lost somewhere on what was the point he was trying to make. First few chapters he talked about the power of decision making at the first sight or the first couple of seconds or minutes or rather intuition. Later, he ascertains his thoughts by giving examples from a wide spectrum. He continues by talking later on the pitfalls that can happen in such decisions. He also discusses how our background and culture can impact our thought processes.

With all the explanations, examples and concepts, he makes his point that we can learn and develop the ability to control the unconscious mind, prejudices and benefit from the power of blink!

This book is worth a read. Many summaries are also availble in the net. Some being:

Wiki Summaries: Blink


And Quarter 3 starts...

A week break went on a fly and I am already one week into the third quarter. This time we have four subjects - Marketing, Law, Operations Research and Managerial Accounting. First two is interesting, the remaining two seems to be a struggle. We got "THE" book on Marketing by Kotler.Its like a medical book, with all glossy paper and colorful pictures. Next week itself we have quizzes. We are back in full swing to case methodology in all 4 subjects!

And the seminars and talks continues to happen in the campus. Today, we had a team from Wikimedia including Danese Cooper, Chief Technology Officer and Alolita Sharma, Engineering Program Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation. They talked about the growth statistics, vision & future plans for wikimedia and in general wikipedia. Tomorrow we have a talk on careers in IT consulting.

The IIMB life is back in full swing!

Two Different Encounters!

Who says B School talks only about business & money. The respectable & responsible institutions of the country always caters to all, may not be directly, but at least indirectly!

We had two events in last weeks, one a workshop for better living based on eastern philosophy and the other a public screening of documentary on Bellary - Iron Ore issue. Both were impressive and eye opening.

Drawn on various un conventional thoughts derived from Indian & Budhist tradition, the workshop on enlightened leadership was conducted by Mr. Sanjeeb Patra, an IIM Calcutta alumnus and Director, HSBC. The session was interesting since, whatever concepts were discussed during the session were backed by his own personal experiences during his 18+ years stint at HSBC. Some of the areas that were discussed during the one day session were:

- Happiness and skillful ways of living life
- Developing mind strength/control and the benefits of meditation
- Motivating others and team members

I am in no …

An Introduction to Organizational Theory

Organizational Theory is the macro level analysis of firms or organizations. It analyzes the firm as a whole. It deals with people at a broader level - how organizations are structured and designed, the motives behind control and coordination mechanisms for communication and day to day activities etc.
In fact, we analyze the organization in all perspectives for its success, thus making its connection with other areas like strategy or operational efficiency or financing. It tries to understand how one designs the appropriate organization structure to help handle interdependence, manage diversity and cope with uncertainty. OT differs from organizational behavior such that, OB takes a micro approach and deals in a root level with the behavior of people.
Organization Theory broadly deals with:
- Structure of a firm - Design of the firm - Managing Uncertainties - Organizational Politics - Organizational Culture
The organizational failure results from ill-structured forms, high levels of uncertaint…

What they teach you at B School

Your learning should be for lifetime and MBA is no different!

In an endeavor to bring an idea about what is taught in a B School, I am thinking of writing and collecting the most useful chunk of every subject I learn in the B School that will be useful for the entire life. And I believe these writings will be useful for all the readers. Please let me know your comments!!

Please note that these collections are based on my understanding of the subjects and those concepts which I think will be always useful in our professional and personal life. Please feel free to add your own resources in the comments which you think will be beneficial for the readers!

Also note neither 20 lectures or case discussions with full of energy, debate & discussions nor a complete subject can be written and understood in a single blog post. Please consider this only as a bird's eye view or a refresher!