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Long Days.........

Wasn't it a holiday, wasn't it a weekend??

It doesn't matters for us :) lectures, quizzes, exams and industry talks !! this is a typical day here.

And today, irrespective of being a Sunday, I worked for more than 8 hours on an assignment we need to submit this week!!!

It has been quite sometime since I wrote here and I believe, no need of explanation :)
I am planning for a night out - not for studies, but to watch a movie ;)

Closing the post with a brief on the talk by Mr.Subhash Dhar, Senior Vice President, Infosys that we had last Saturday. He is also an IIMB alumnus. The talk was predominantly on the Indian IT services sector and opportunities for MBA graduates in IT/ITES industry. He started his speech with his life as an IIMBian, struggle in start ups and technological firms and finally about his stint @ Infosys.

Some of the interesting facts he stressed on were the consumerization of IT and its impact on the corporates and the way they look at the new trend. He noted…

Book Review : Marketing Secrets by Peter Spalton

Well, I picked this book since it was small and with a hope that all real life secrets will be available under one umbrella. I had to attend an interview in short notice, so there was no chance to read Kotler and all which I haven't seen yet.

May be because I was expecting too much, to be frank, I was disappointed.

The book is written in a very lucid way explaining from the basics to some tips touching online marketing. I liked the way how he explained some sections like how to develop effective marketing mix ("shoot with a rifle, not a shotgun")

This book serves the purpose of a quick and easy reading to understand some gyaan on marketing; at the same time touching all aspects of marketing. I think, if you are already in the field, this book can be an effective brush up/refresher!

A one time read...

Preparing for India's Future by Arun Shourie

Mr. Arun Shourie an eminent Indian journalist, author, intellectual and politician was one of the prominent speakers at Vista 2010-11, the premiere business festival of IIM Bangalore. He has been an economist with the World Bank, a consultant to the Planning Commission, India, editor of the Indian Express and Times of India and a minister in the government of India.

Here is a personal excerpt from the speech he delivered on "Preparing for India's Future: Challenges & Opportunities"

The session started of with the Director of IIMB, Prof. Pankaj Chandra reassuring that India is diverse not only in terms of culture or religion, but more in terms of the skills she posses. Indeed, we are doing well economically and socially.

Shourie started his talk by emphasizing that India is in a good position and continuously improving its hold on the world economy. The sad part is that we ourselves are underestimating the capabilities of India. Comparing India with China, he mention…

Was this my cup of tea?

ps: this post may be demotivating!

I am really fed up...scared, irritated, and whatever negative thought you can think of...

WHY? You may ask. Unfortunately I am in such a far 1/3rd of the second term has been over and I have no clues what these subjects are all about? Already two quizes over, another scheduled for this week. Mid terms from Oct 15.

In a B School, there are three things you can look into academics, extra curriculars and sleep. General notion is, you can concentrate on at most 2 out of these three. But for poor souls like us, PGSEMers there is one more to look into - Job; and for more unfortunate souls, a family too to look after. That way, a bachelor like me is a little lucky :)

I am Engineer by degree, by profession, but I hate maths; I don't know why and when I became like this.

Its regrettable, if the Professor who teaches Quant is in a different level from those like me and he expects much more! I never thought, I will be interested in HR; howeve…

My First B School Fest!

Participating in a b school fest was one of the things I was looking forward to when I joined IIMB.

Where else will you get this chance? pitching your ideas to VCs, fighting for the idea you put forth to the best brains and intellectuals in the country, making strategies for the startup or making financial forecasting for exciting new venture ideas. The two days of IIMB's premiere business fest, Vista 2010-11 went just on a fly. I didn't participate in any competition, was afraid :) however, was still a volunteer :p It was really a good experience and a learning for other events if I am participating!

The second day was more exciting with wonderful participation from the corporates. The second day hosted four corporate events including two business plan competitions and a quiz. The b plan competitions witnessed arduous way up convincing the judges about the strategy plan for the cases given. The classroom witnessed fierce discussions, the finalists trying to convince their ide…