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How to become a good product manager?

Last Sunday, I attended India's first ever Product Mangers Conclave. Interestingly it was organized by PGSEM students in collaboration with industry. Some of the sessions were hard core product management stuffs, future challenges and opportunities. For a person like me who is not a product manager and just looking for various areas to look for after MBA, the sessions on careers and product management were of more interest. Here is a personal excerpt from some of the sessions I attended.

Let's start with Who is a Product Manager? The one thing I kept of hearing was Product Managers are the CEOs of their products. The more catchy part was Product Managers have a better chance of becoming the actual CEOs :) Wikipedia defines product manager is the one who investigates, selects, develops, products for an organization, performing the activity of product management.

A person that usually focuses on inbound planning activities to increase a product's perceived value to the custom…

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Quarter 2 begins...

Literally, quarter 2 started with a bang with a professor sending more than 50% of the class out of the class second day itself. ;)

This quarter we have again three subjects - Organization Theory, Business Statistics and Macroeconomics. One professor is really old, one very tech savvy and the last one young & a US return :)

I think macroeconomics will be interesting - at least I can better understand the newspaper articles on GDP, inflation & RBI actions :)

A side effect that I can expect this quarter is more usage of open source tools especially spreadsheets and statistical packages, though I have Excel 2007 with me :) Our Professor is a an open source enthusiast!

This month is going to be again very busy with parents visiting, a conclave coming next week and a major B School festival in the end. I wish to participate in some events in Vista....lets see.

By the way, I won an election unanimously :p I will be the coordinator for Branding and Communications Cell (BnCC).

India Product Managers Conclave

With the growing importance of Product Management in the Indian industry context, IIMB invites you to the India’s first ‘Product Managers' Conclave, 2010’. The event aims to leverage the vantage position of IIMB to pitch fork the aspirations of the industry to realizable heights. The event would help Product Managers and Product Marketing managers to discuss, debate, network and work together for common goal of excellence in their fields.

IIMB invites all the stake holders of product management to be a part of the conclave and enrich the event.

Visit for more information and agenda.

India Product Managers Conclave

Book Summary : The Mckinsey Way by Ethan M. Rasiel

I believe this is one of the titles, most of the B School students will read. Also, a plethora of summaries, abstracts, tips from this book are already available in the internet. Still here is my notes from the book:
Caution : Don't expect you will think like a Mckinsey Consultant, just by reading this book! I believe no learning will be equal to actually being a Mckinsey Consultant :)
The Mckinsey Way written by Ethan M. Rasiel provides a good insight about the company, its consulting processes, some of the frameworks, life of consultants and tips for aspiring consultants. 

McKinsey & Company was founded in Chicago in 1926 by James O. ("Mac") McKinsey, an accounting professor at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, who pioneered budgeting as a management tool.
The three pillars of building a solution @ Mckinsey are:
1. Fact Based 2. Rigidly Structural 3. Hypothesis Driven
The Firm promotes clarity of thought and expression. Every document has to follo…