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A good week...

Last week was a good one for me. We got the FINAC mid term paper. To my surprise, it was not as bad as I thought, and was average in the class. One thing which was interesting was even in this level, people were fighting for 1/2 and 1 mark. The microeconomics professor came with a smiling professor since his latest book was released last week & was happily mentioning about it. Then he moved his topic of discussion and said, you may have come out of the exam hall with all smiling faces; but there was a tricky question, for which most of you didn't answer properly!!
The Strategic Management class was also good with case discussions on Indian Airline Industry and Walmart. I participated in both the discussions which had become a rare one for days now. It is interesting to see how we can establish that a firm is 100% successful; at the same time it is full of controversies in reality!

Last Saturday, we finally saw lots of participation from the class for Pehel. We have now formed …

1st experience of organizing an event @ IIMB

Pehel 2010

The first event to be organized by the incoming batch.

Hey! wait, you are already there; you might ask...OK let Pehel is the first event to be organized by the first PGSEM :P It was supposed to happen in the 1st week or 2n week of July. But unfortunately, it has been postponed till 1st week of August. By then, we would have almost completed our 1st quarter :)

This time, I volunteered for those activities in which I have been not so active during college days - communications & stage coordination. So far, the communications part has been good. I believe I was able to contribute individually something. Let's see what happen for the stage coordination.

@ IIMB, anything is possible. I learned (well, a crash course with just minimal tricks) about photoshop, publisher, printing...

As usual, I was able to see people strong & sincere in logistics, program coordination, innovative ideas and also those who are there in the group for namesake :D

After around 4 years, have …

1st set of mid terms over

Things happen so far. I am not able to see how days fly. Still remember the orientation days....ah! already the first set of mid terms is over.

Yesterday, there were two exams. One on Microeconomics - which was easy (may be the Professor knew we are poor souls; but the funny thing is he was scaring us too much and also forced us to attend many tute sessions by his Associate) and the second one was on Strategy which was a case on Apple, 3 hours - nice part was the Professor even arranged a tea for us during the exam :) Our Strategy Professor used to say there are no right & wrong strategy - I would like to extend it by saying there are no right or wrong analysis in the strategy exam also ;) Only GOD knows how much marks will I get!

I thought, since the exams are over, its a relief at least for the next one month. I opened my mail - boom! an assignment in FINAC to be submitted by Thursday! And we have barely a month to give the final projects for two subjects..So the tough time is n…

weekends are getting more hectic!

6:30 AM - 7:30 AM Travel (to IIM)
8:00 AM - 1:30 PM Classes
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Exam
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Again Classes
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Travel (back to home)

And today is Saturday!! To add more, have classes again from 8AM tomorrow. Weekends are getting more hectic compared to weekdays. And today's exam...pathetic, seriously!! I never thought I will degrade to this level! I thought Financial Accounting was the subject, I understood & liked the most among the three subjects; but I was proved wrong today. May be, saying 'if you like an area most, you may not score/do well; also, if you score in an area, you may not be so good at it' is true

Next week, we have 2 mid term exams & 2 cases to analyze. Text book wise , both cover 6 chapters :O And the Microeconomics Professor had mocked us today saying, it will either be tougher or more tougher irrespective of whether it is an open book or closed book exam. And also advised to score as much as possible in mid term, since it …

quizes, mid term, projects.....

Week by week, its getting worse, at the same time interesting.

We had our first surprise quiz yesterday. It was funny. I don't want to talk about it ;)
I liked this week's strategic management classes, because there weren't much case discussion and chaos. Back to the world of microeconomics. The professor talked about consumer behavior, pricing. I always wanted to know how companies do pricing, if I were to launch a product what price level, can I set etc. The professor touched some of these topics, but was more theoretical. I guess, we will learn those in some marketing papers.

Our mid terms start next week with Financial Accounting. Its a closed book exam. The professor was mocking us saying this will be a closed book exam so that you can gauge yourself where you stand and later for the end term we can have an open book. The other two exams are scheduled a week later, I guess :) Both will be open book.

I had the first personal discussion with a professor @ IIM. We, as a…