A day left for THE Journey to start...

Finally, the day is coming. Our classes start from June 18. Already the professors have given the schedule & reading list. I haven't even opened the text books they gave :) The courses for this quarter are Strategic Management, Managerial Economics & Financial Accounting. I hope to make the learning very interesting since many will be of practical use and Marketing & Strategy is what I am looking forward to learn in detail...

Last week, I visited IIMB just to see how much time it will take to reach the campus from Domlur. I guess I will have to leave my house by 5:30 AM to reach right on time. My laptop is ready for IIMB wifi. Also installed some other softwares, which was mentioned in SPIDI; surely will become helpful one day.

We have to also organize Pehel 2010. It is a opening festival completely conducted by PGSEM freshers. I want to participate as part of the organizing committee because it will be hard for me to participate in the cultural events. Let's see how competitive my peers are! I have heard that PGP freshers are always very competitive and its hard to get a place in committees or clubs like this. But I guess I will have to face that much competition here. Also, seniors had announced that interviews/elections for this years club members/coordinators will be happening this week or next. I wish to be part of a club, especially if possible Branding & Communication Committee or Forum for Industry/Alumni interaction. Let's see whether I land up in any of these.

My work @ company is getting tight day by day. Moreover, I am becoming more & more bored with the work and more & more excited with management :)

Eagerly waiting to attend the class...wow, how studious I have become ;) but I am sure, this will not last even weeks....
However, the status updates in social networks are done vehemently :) Today's update:

"have to devise some contemporary strategic techniques to do micro economical analyses in financial accounting ;) .......curtain raiser to the classes @ IIMB on June 18 :)"


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